The Fury Vipers MC Series - NY Chapter


She’s a princess locked away without any hope. He’s her dark knight in leather.

Stag has been in and out of juvie for years, but now he’s determined to keep his nose clean… or as clean as the Road Captain for the Fury Vipers MC can be.

He’s found a brotherhood, one that he’ll protect until his dying breath.

Then he sees her and his plans go up in smoke.

She’s the club princess and completely off limits.

An accident destroyed everything. Kinsley’s life is now her own personal hell.

Having to pay for the mistake that she made, Kinsley’s now bound to a man that makes her skin crawl.

She has no other options and eventually she learns that life isn’t a fairytale.

Then she meets Stag and he has her dreaming of a life that’s without pain.

But Kinsley knows that for her, there’s no escaping the crumbling castle that she’s been locked away in.

Not if she doesn’t want anyone else that she loves to be hurt.

Can her salvation also be his redemption?


She’s the only woman he’s ever loved. He’s the only man she’ll ever want.

When the woman he loves is hurt due to his actions… Mayhem is born.

Joining the Fury Vipers MC was supposed to be a new beginning with the woman he loved, but it turned into something much worse

He’s fighting a war with his inner demons. He’s determined to win and be with his woman.

She wants the life she’s always dreamed of. He wants her safe…

Effiemia Ryan knew that Benjamin was the man she’d spend the rest of her life with at a young age. But those dreams of hers vanished the day he joined the club.

Her world comes crashing down when he walks away.

But safety is never assured and for Effie, it’s not Mayhem’s enemies that want her dead… it’s her own.

Can they survive the horrors to come?


She’s sworn off relationships… He’s determined to make her his…

For Octavia Michaels, bikers are off-limits.

She’s been hurt and destroyed by one in the past so she’s sworn off love.

One night with Digger has her shocked to the core.

She wants more.

He’s all in…. She’s scared.

Digger has been a member of the Fury Vipers MC for years and he’s never found the one he wants to claim…

Until her.

She has walls built and he has every plan to knock them down.

When Octavia’s past collides with the present, Digger goes all out to protect the woman he loves.

Can they protect the future that they’ve started to build?


All she’s wanted is to be loved… He only wants fun…

Andromeda Peters lives her life in the shadows.

Being dealt trauma at such a young age, she steeled her heart against everyone.

She never thought she’d find someone she could trust.

Until Ace.

She’s the daughter of his enemy… He’s the man that she loves…

Ace made a vow months ago. He would take out all those that harmed his sister.

He never planned on Andromeda.

When he finds out what happened to her as a child, his thirst for revenge intensifies.

Can Ace save the woman he’s falling for before her past comes back for her once again?


She’s the princess of the Mafia… He’s a biker.. Together they’re undeniable.

Chloe Gallagher is the daughter of a Mafia boss, she’s been protected, cherished, loved.

Her life hasn’t always been easy. Her biological mother made sure of that.

A vacation to New York has her meeting a man that leaves her wanting a whole lot more than a one night stand.

Chloe knows that monster’s exist.

But what happens when she has to face those monsters on her own?

Pyro knows that he messed up by letting the woman he wanted more than any other walk away.

Finding out that Chloe’s been kidnapped has rocked his world and now he won’t stop until he finds her.

He’ll burn the city to the ground to get his woman back.

With her life in Ireland, his in New York will they overcome the odds stacked against them, or will they be ripped apart by it all?


She wants the future… He’s stuck in the past…
Serenity Michaels has wanted Shadow since the moment she laid eyes on him and she’s never been the one to shy away from what she wants.
One drunken night with him proves the future she craves.
He walks away without a second look.
One night together was never going to be enough…
Shadow knows that Serenity is his but he doesn’t want to taint her with his past.
When danger strikes and Serenity’s hurt, he’s finally able to see things straight.
He’ll do whatever it takes to make sure his woman is safe.
Can he make her see that she’s his? Or will she walk away from him for good this time?


She’s unable to move forward… He wants everything with her…
Hayley’s determined to have the best life for her and her daughter. Her rules. Her terms.
With her walls firmly intact, she’s determined to never feel loss agains like she’s felt her whole life.
Sleeping with a patched member of the Fury Vipers was never on the cards.
But one night was never enough.
Their connection undeniable.
Five years Wrath has bided his time, knowing that Hayley was the woman for him.
How can he make her see he isn’t going anywhere?
When Hayley and her daughter’s lives look to be in jeopardy, Wrath will do everything to ensure they stay safe.
Will Wrath and Hayley get their happy ever after, or will they end before they’ve even truly begun?


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