NO ONE writes a badass heroine like Brooke Summers. 

This series just gets better and better.

Bloody Union

Marriages are meant to be sacred but when an arranged marriage turns bloody a war is started.

Makenna Gallagher’s life is anything but ordinary. After experiencing something traumatic her life changes and not for the better. When she meets the man that she is expected to marry she knows that keeping her secrets is only going to get harder.

When Dante Bianchi sees his wife-to-be, he’s surprised. She doesn’t look anything like the sweet and innocent fourteen year old who he had agreed to marry five years ago. He looks forward to making her his.

When their wedding ends in a gunfight, he’s surprised to see his wife handling a gun with ease and when he watches her kill a man he doesn’t know whether to be angry or turned on.

Every family has secrets, but Makenna is drowning in hers. Will she sink or swim when hers turn deadly?

Unexpected Union

A moment of passion leads to an unexpected union…

Melissa Harding has veered on the side of caution, always keeping her past locked up tight. Until one night she decided that she’d let loose. Which came at a cost. Getting pregnant was shocking enough, but marrying the head of the Irish Mafia was worse.

Melissa hopes that she can keep her darkest secrets hidden. But her new husband has other ideas.

Danny Gallagher never had plans on settling down. His family doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to marriages. That is until his new bride’s secrets start to unravel, Danny realises that he’s finally met his match.

The darkness he has inside burns deep within her.

When enemies start to rise, Danny and Melissa find out just how perfectly matched they really are.

What happens when a traitor has plans to take Danny out?

Will the couple be able to find them before it’s too late?

Fragile Union

Marriages can be fragile, shattered, broken, destroyed…

Holly Gallagher hoped she would find love. That she’d have a happy life, unlike her parents. Those hopes are dashed when her family arranges for her to marry.

She prays that she won’t end up like her mother. Bitter. Twisted. Evil. That is until she realises who she’s marrying. A monster.

Romero Bianchi has given his life to the Famiglia. He doesn’t love and he certainly doesn’t do attachments.

Everything he’s done is for the family. Nothing was going to ever change that. Until Holly.

She breaks his resolve, piece by piece. She weaves herself deep inside his heart. He’ll do anything for his wife. Protect her with his dying breath.

But being part of the Mafia isn’t easy. With enemies at every corner it’s hard to know where the threat is coming from. When Holly’s taken, Romero shows the world what happens when someone takes what’s his.

Now he’s racing against the clock to find her before it’s too late.

Shattered Union

Heartbreak can hurt you. Shatter you. Destroy you. Falling in love can be easy. Simple. Beautiful.  Until it’s not.

That’s what Callie O’Hara found out when she met Denis Gallagher. He swept her off her feet and made her feel as though she was the only girl in the world. Except she wasn’t. The truth came out and her world crumbled around her.

Denis Gallagher has lived a life filled with pain and hatred. As the head of the Irish mafia, Denis has learned a lot of lessons in life. None more so than the ones that his wife taught him. His world was filled with darkness and anger. Until Callie.

She tore through his world like a tornado. He fell hard and fast for the young sassy woman. He made mistakes. Evaded the truth. And lost her in the process. But Denis has a plan. One that involves winning back the woman he loves.

Someone isn’t happy that he’s moving on. What happens when someone targets the love of his life?

Can Denis win Callie back or are the lies too much for her to bear?

Hateful Union

Hating someone while lusting after them only adds fuel to the fire.

Raylee Silver’s life has been anything but normal. She’s the daughter of a notorious gang leader. She never realised just how notorious he was. Raylee’s world is thrust into chaos as she comes to terms with losing someone close to her as well as dealing with the revelations about her family.

Never did she expect to find a light in the darkness, especially someone she hates. But Malcolm Gallagher breaks down her resolve and has her wanting things she shouldn’t.

Malcolm Gallagher is out for revenge, he’s seen the evil that the Silver gang have wrought. He has the perfect person to use to get what he wants. Raylee.
 Except he was never meant to fall for her.

When things come to a head, Malcolm’s going all-in to protect the woman that he loves.  But what happens when her family finds out?

Can Malcolm save her before or will the Silver gang take yet another life?

Vengeful Union

Vengeance can be justified… But what happens when an innocent person is targeted?

Destiny Carter’s life changed when her mom died.

Hidden away from the world, Destiny tries to make sense of the betrayal she learned. She knows about her father’s plan and if she doesn’t escape, she’ll be dead. She was not expecting her knight in shining armor to be filled with darkness.

Finn Gallagher demands everything from her. She’s not sure that’s something she’s willing to do. Now there’s an enemy after her. Someone who hits a little close to home for the Gallagher family. Will she be able to survive when they come for her?

Finn Gallagher’s life has always been filled with violence. He’s lived and breathed it. When he lost his father, Finn changed, he became darker, distrustful, angry. Finding out who was truly behind the attack on his family, Finn is vying for blood. Taking his enemy’s daughter was easy. Using her to get back at her father… Not so much. Destiny Carter isn’t what he expected. Feisty, beautiful, fearless. He wants everything from her and he’s willing to take what’s his.

But betrayal hits Finn and his family. Now the question is… Can he get Destiny out alive? It’s time for revenge and this time it will be justified.

Explosive Union

Never underestimate a woman who’s been hurt… The vengeance she has will be beautiful.

Jade Gallagher has sacrificed more than most for her family. Being sent to prison for a crime she didn’t commit was only the beginning.
Five years she spent biding her time and coming up with the perfect revenge plan for those that harmed her while she was incarcerated.
Never did she think that when she’d be free she’d end up shackled yet again. This time to a marriage she doesn’t want. For Jade, her mind is only on getting even with those that caused her pain.
But her new husband breaks down her walls and gets to her like no other. Can she let him see the true her or will she keep him at arm’s length?

Rocco Gallo knows that he’s next in line to become the head of the Italian mafia in Chicago.
What he doesn’t want is a wife that is disobedient and doesn’t know protocol. Meeting Jade Gallagher turns his well planned life into disarray. The woman gets under his skin. But when he sees a new side to the brazen woman, he realizes just what she’s been through. No one hurts his wife and lives to tell the tale. But the men that hurt her aren’t the only ones that this new couple have to watch out for. Old foes are wanting revenge too.

When Jade and Rocco finally give in…. It’s explosive.

Cherished Union

When the woman he cherishes above all else has been hurt… his inner demons come out to play.

Adelina Gallo’s life changed in the blink of an eye. She always knew that she’d be used to further her family’s connections.  Hayden Gallagher is portrayed as a monster. Someone that Adelina should be fearful of.  But Ade knows differently, she’s seen a side to him that not many do and she’ll do anything to keep the man she’s falling head over heels for from danger. Even if it means doing things she never thought she would do.

Hayden Gallagher has made more mistakes than he can count. His actions have led to some devastating times. But the moment he married Adelina Gallo he thought it was a second chance. His wife is soft, sweet, and pure. She’s everything that he’s not, and he cherishes her for it. He vows to do everything in his power to protect her. But when his enemies circle it’s more than just his life on the line.

Can Hayden and Adelina survive the war that’s coming, or will they fall just like so many others have?

Obsessive Union

The moment he met her he knew she was different… He never expected her to become his obsession.

Gabriella Sanchez has lived her life in the shadows. Being born as a product of an affair, Gabby spent most of her life without her father. He provided everything for her…except his time.

Alessio Bianchi has always been seen as the youngest of the Bianchi’s. The screw up. The little kid.

On a job for his brother, Alessio finds himself in trouble. He never expected to have the beautiful brunette save him from near death.

Gabriella knew the moment she saw Alessio that he was trouble, she didn’t understand the true extent of it until it was too late. The moment she discovered that Alessio had left her with more than just a heartbreak, she ran.

Alessio became obsessed. He searched for his woman for four years. He wasn’t going to let her go.

When he finally gets her back in his life, he vows to keep her there.

However, their lives aren’t smooth sailing and when enemies start to crawl out of the woodwork, Alessio has to do everything he can in order to save the woman he loves and their son.

Can Alessio uncover who’s out to get them or will he lose everyone he loves to the hands of the unknown enemy?

Boxset 1: Books 1-3

Boxset 2: books 4-6

Boxset 3: Books 7-9

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