Dark, Angsty, Heartbreaking...

Ruthless Arrangement

All I want is my freedom. He’s out for vengeance.

My life has been plagued by never ending pain and suffering.

He’s fueled by anger and hate.

Elio Gallo is the underboss to the famiglia.

He’s determined to knock down my walls and shatter me.

Marrying him was the only chance I had to survive.

Being his wife just may be my breaking point.

When an enemy rears their head. My life crumbles around me.

As danger starts to close in, the darkness surrounds me.

Can the mafia man let go of his thirst for revenge to save me?

Ruthless Betrayal

All I’ve ever wanted is to be loved. He’s determined to make me suffer.

Growing up within the depths of the Bratva organization, I’ve only felt violence and brutality.

Surviving this life I’ve been dealt is my only goal.

Marrying the underboss of the Italian Mafia was supposed to be my lifeline.

But Niccolo Caruso is only out for one thing—revenge.

Being a husband was never on his agenda.

When the Bratva comes calling, everything around me shatters.

My lifeline cut short.

Sometimes love isn’t enough.

Can this dangerous Mafia man find a way to let go of his grief and protect me?

Ruthless Passion

All I’ve ever wanted is to feel safe. He wants to upturn my carefully constructed world.

Losing my father shaped me. Pushing me into the dark.

Having my stepfather want to sell me made me run. Forcing me into the shadows.

Living on the streets wasn’t the plan, but it’s all that I could do. And I’d do anything to survive.

Until him.

Dario Gallo has bad news written all over him.

He wants to deconstruct the meagre life I’ve built for myself and force me back into the light.

In order to protect myself and those I care about, what else can I do but push him away?

Even though he’s the only man who’s ever made me feel protected. Safe.

He wants me, but he’s part of a life I want nothing to do with.

The chemistry between us is undeniable.

Will he destroy me just like the Mafia did my father.

Or will he be the solace that I have craved for so long?

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