The Gallo Famiglia

Ruthless Arrangement

All I want is my freedom. He’s out for vengeance.
My life has been plagued by never ending pain and suffering.
He’s fueled by anger and hate.
Elio Gallo is the underboss to the famiglia.
He’s determined to knock down my walls and shatter me.
Marrying him was the only chance I had to survive.
Being his wife just may be my breaking point.
When an enemy rears their head. My life crumbles around me.
As danger starts to close in, the darkness surrounds me.
Can the mafia man let go of his thirst for revenge to save me?

Ruthless Betrayal

All I’ve ever wanted is to be loved. He’s determined to make me suffer.

Growing up within the depths of the Bratva organization, I’ve only felt violence and brutality.

Surviving this life I’ve been dealt is my only goal.

Marrying the underboss of the Italian Mafia was supposed to be my lifeline.

But Niccolo Caruso is only out for one thing—revenge.

Being a husband was never on his agenda.

When the Bratva comes calling, everything around me shatters.

My lifeline cut short.

Sometimes love isn’t enough.

Can this dangerous Mafia man find a way to let go of his grief and protect me?

Ruthless Passion

All I’ve ever wanted is to feel safe. He wants to upturn my carefully constructed world.

Losing my father shaped me. Pushing me into the dark.

Having my stepfather want to sell me made me run. Forcing me into the shadows.

Living on the streets wasn’t the plan, but it’s all that I could do. And I’d do anything to survive.

Until him.

Dario Gallo has bad news written all over him.

He wants to deconstruct the meagre life I’ve built for myself and force me back into the light.

In order to protect myself and those I care about, what else can I do but push him away?

Even though he’s the only man who’s ever made me feel protected. Safe.

He wants me, but he’s part of a life I want nothing to do with.

The chemistry between us is undeniable.

Will he destroy me just like the Mafia did my father.

Or will he be the solace that I have craved for so long?

The Made Series

Bloody Union

Marriages are meant to be sacred but when an arranged marriage turns bloody a war is started.

Makenna Gallagher is the princess of the Irish Mafia– but her life is anything but ordinary.

On the outside she might seem like she has it all but every family has secrets and Makenna is drowning in hers.

When Dante Bianchi is reunited with his wife-to-be, he’s surprised. Clearly their years apart have changed her.

He looks forward to uncovering what she’s so desperately trying to hide. And making her his.

But when their wedding ends in a gunfight, he might get his answers sooner than he thought.

One Arranged Marriage.

One Deadly Secret.

One unstoppable force rising from the ashes of their Bloody Union to dominate the criminal underworld. Together.

Unexpected Union

A moment of passion leads to an unexpected union…

Melissa Harding allowed herself one night to just let loose. One night to escape her perfectly constructed life. But that one night has come with a cost.

She never planned to get pregnant nor did she plan to get married to the head of the Irish Mafia.

With everything in her life suddenly changing, Melissa is more determined than ever to keep her new husband at arms length

— her dark secrets need to stay hidden.

But Danny has other ideas.

Danny Gallagher planned to stay a bachelor forever. But after one night of reckless passion with Melissa– everything changes.

Married with a new baby on the way– Danny has finally met his match.

The more time they spend together– Danny is quickly realizing they are more alike than he thought.

The darkness she has burning inside her is the same darkness burning deep within him.

When enemies start to rise, can this unexpected union work together to slay their demons?

Or will Melissa’s secrets bury them before they even had a chance?

Fragile Union

Marriages can be fragile, shattered, broken, destroyed…


Holly Gallagher hoped for love, for a happy life.

But that hope is smothered when her family arranges for her to marry.

She prays that her husband will be kind, loving– a true partner.

Unfortunately for Holly, all hope is lost when she realizes who she’s marrying.

A monster.

Romero Bianchi has given his life to the Famiglia.

No Love.

No Attachments.

Nothing will ever change that.

Until Holly.

Holly is everything Romero isn’t. She breaks his resolve, piece by piece; weaving herself deep inside his heart.

Soon Romero realizes that he’ll do anything for his wife. Protect her with his dying breath.

When Holly’s taken, Romero unleashes his monster.

For her.

He’ll show the world what happens when someone takes what’s his.


He might have thought Holly was too fragile for his world but he couldn’t have been more wrong; their love is his strength.

And lord help anyone who gets in Romero’s way to protect his Fragile Union.

Shattered Union

Heartbreak can hurt you. Shatter you. Destroy you.

Falling in love can be easy. Simple. Beautiful.

Until it’s not.

That’s what happened when Callie O’Hara and Denis Gallaghers’ paths crossed.

Swept completely off her feet in a whirlwind romance. She thought she was the only girl in Denis’s world. Except she wasn’t.

As the head of the Irish mafia, Denis’s world is filled with only darkness and anger.

Until Callie.

She tore through his world like a tornado. Denis finds himself falling hard and fast for the young sassy woman.

In the process of finding the first bit of light in his life– his mistakes come to the surface.

That mistake might cost him everything

But Denis has a plan.

Can Denis win Callie back or are the lies too much for her to bear?

Hateful Union

Hating someone while lusting after them only adds fuel to the fire.


Raylee Silver’s life has been anything but ordinary.

Daughter of a notorious gang leader– she’s lived a unique but sheltered life.

She was never aware of how truly notorious he was.

When life altering revelations and extreme grief thrusts Raylee’s life into chaos. She doesn’t see a way out of the darkness. She never expected to find a light– a lifeline, especially not someone she hates.

Malcolm Gallagher.


Malcolm is out for one thing and one thing only revenge against the Silver gang.

And he’s got the perfect person to use to get what he wants. Raylee.

He was never meant to fall for her.


But what happens when her family finds out?

Vengeful Union

Vengeance can be justified… But what happens when an innocent person is targeted?

Destiny Carter’s life was flipped upside down after her mother passed away.

Hidden away, Destiny desperately tried to make sense of her new dark reality.

When her father’s true colors are revealed; in order to survive she know she needs to escape

What she never expected was for her rescuer to also be her enemy.

But there is more than one foe hiding in the shadows ready to strike.


Will she be able to survive when they come for her?


Finn Gallagher’s entire life has always been filled with violence. But it has also been filled with family.

When tragedy strikes everything changes.

Truths are exposed– the identity of who was truly behind the attack on his family revealed.

Leaving Finn out for blood.

Finding the ticket to his revenge was easy; exacting that revenge… not so much.

Destiny Carter is an unexpected surprise. Feisty, beautiful, fearless. And he soon finds himself falling for her; instead of fulfilling his revenge plans.

But danger is circling Finn and his family– betrayals coming from the most unexpected places.

Can he and Destiny make it out alive?

Or will the deep need for revenge swallow them whole?

Explosive Union

Never underestimate a woman who’s been hurt… The vengeance she has will be beautiful.


Jade Gallagher would walk through fire for her family. Her sacrifices have had no limits.

Being sent to prison for a crime she didn’t commit was only the beginning.

Five years have been spent away from her family, enduring unspeakable things while incarcerated.

She’s been put on pause, biding her time until she is released to exact her revenge.

When she is finally free, an arranged marriage was the absolute last thing she thought she’d have to face.

Being tied to a complete stranger is not on her to do list.

Jade has an agenda and Rocco will only get in her way.


When their connection becomes undeniable; and walls begin to fall. Can she let Rocco in? And reveal her true self?


Rocco Gallo has grown up within the ranks of the Italian mafia in Chicago.

The Famiglia expects their significant others to behave a certain way.

A disobedient, fearless wife like Jade goes against everything they stand for.

She gets under his skin in more ways than one.

But when Jade’s secrets are unraveled, he realizes there is so much more to her than he initially thought.

No one hurts his wife and lives to tell the tale.

No one challenges the Clann and the Famiglia and gets away with it.

There are enemies around every corner waiting to take them out.


Will Jade and Rocco be able to survive their Explosive Union?

Cherished Union

When the woman he cherishes above all else has been hurt… his inner demons come out to play.

Adelina Gallo’s life changed in the blink of an eye. She always knew that she’d be a bargaining chip to further her family’s connections.

Hayden Gallagher is portrayed as a monster. Someone that Adelina should be fearful off.

But Ade knows differently, she’s seen a side to him that not many do and she’ll do anything to keep the man she’s falling head over heels for from danger.

Even if it means doing things she never thought she would do.

Hayden Gallagher has made more mistakes than he can count. He is haunted by his actions. But the moment he married Adelina Gallo he believes this to be his second chance.

His wife is soft, sweet, and pure. She’s everything that he’s not, and he cherishes her for it. He vows to do everything in his power to protect her.
But when his enemies circle it’s more than just his life on the line this time.

Can Hayden and Adelina survive the war that’s coming, or will they fall just like so many others have?

Obsessive Union

The moment he met her he knew she was different… He never expected her to become his obsession.

Gabriella Sanchez has been hidden her entire life. Growing up she was never chosen first.

Alessio Bianchi has always been seen as the youngest of the Bianchi’s. The screw up. The little kid.

On a job for his brother, Alessio finds himself in trouble. He never expected to be saved by a beautiful stranger.

Gabriella knew the moment she saw Alessio that he was trouble, she just didn’t know exactly how much trouble. When Gabby discovers that Alessio had left her with more than just a heartbreak, she runs.

Alessio becomes obsessed. He knows that Gabriella is the woman for him and he will search for her forever. He’ll never let her go.
When he finally gets her back in his life, he vows to keep her there.
However, their lives aren’t smooth sailing and when enemies start to crawl out of the woodwork, Alessio has to do everything he can in order to save the life he’s always wanted.

Can Alessio uncover who’s out to get them or will he lose everyone he loves to the hands of the unknown enemy?

The Kingpin Series

Forbidden Lust

The past should be left in the past. Just like the mystery man, who rocked Mia’s world.

When Mia goes home for the summer to meet her new step-father, she gets the shock of her life…

Her step–brother is the guy who she’s been dreaming of, her mystery man who she can’t forget.

When these two get together they explode.

But Hudson has a dark secret.

He’s a Kingpin. The drug lord. The man that nightmares are made of.

What happens when Mia finds out?

Will she run? If she does Hudson knows he will search every inch of the world to find her.

Dangerous Secrets

Sometimes the enemies closer to home are the ones you have to watch out for.

Hudson’s world is rocked on its axis when Mia is kidnapped.
With a list of enemies a mile long, and barely any clues off where to start, Hudson’s got to figure out who’s brazen enough to take the one he loves.

As secrets are exposed and lies come to the surface, there’s only one thing that is certain: Hudson will go to any lengths to have her safe in his arms again.

Will he be able to find Mia before the time runs out or will the Kingpin bathe the streets with blood in vain?

Forever Love

Hudson and Mia’s story finishes with this thrilling conclusion.

With their enemy still on the loose Hudson and Mia have the fight of their lives on their hands.

As the death toll rises, the need to protect their family becomes more urgent.

With danger lurking around every corner they find solace in each other until more secrets rock their world, and their future is now left in uncertainty.

Will Hudson reign as boss or will his enemy finally be his downfall?


Taken by Nikolai

Falling in love with Nikolai was never the plan.

The dangerous man had other ideas.

He wanted my body, my love, but most of all my baby.

What the Pakhan wants… the Pakhan gets.

But loving him is so wrong…especially as he’s married to my mother.

A Love So Wrong

Georgina’s life is turned upside down with just one kiss.
The man she wants isn’t a man that she should be with.
After all, he’s the man that’s been a huge part of her life since she was sixteen.
But the heart wants what it wants and Georgina’s wants Wayne.
Her step-father.

Saving Reli


My life isn’t a fairytale. It’s raw, painful, and battered.

Losing my father was the start of my downfall.

The nightmare I lived for two years shaped me.

The scars I have run deep.

I was broken.

Until him.


The moment I saw her, I knew she was mine.

I was thirty-one and she was fifteen.

I bided my time, waiting.

Then I saw her and there was no way I was staying away.

She was a shell of the girl I remember.

She says she’s broken.

I’m going to show her that she’s a diamond in the rough.

She’s mine and I’m not letting her go.

One way or another, I’m saving Reli.

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