Private Seduction Series

Seduced by Daddy's Best Friend

Private Seduction; more than just a night.
Annabel knows what loneliness is. It’s something she hates, but being an escort helps ease that pain.
Having been disowned by her family for not following their strict rules, she fled to seek a better life.
Her world is turned upside down by the appearance of Jack, her father’s best friend.
Jack is shocked when he realizes that the woman he hired for the evening is none other than Annabel, seeing her looking so grown up stirs feelings in him that he shouldn’t be having.
Soon Jack and Annabel are falling head over heels for one another…
Can their relationship survive when her family finds out?


The Stepbrother

Private Seduction; more than just a night.

A date with an unruly customer is never pleasant, but for Lauren, it couldn’t have come at the worst time, stuck at her stepbrother’s party.

Zander has been the man of her dreams for years, but she’s never crossed that boundary. Her mother and his father are married. Making Zander off-limits.

But what the heart wants, the heart gets and one night with him will never be enough.

Can Lauren and Zander find their happy ever after or will their parents put a stop to them before they even begin?

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