Taboo Temptations

Wicked with the Professor

One night of passion leaves her professor wanting more…

It was meant to be easy, go out, have fun, and let loose.

Until Becky met him…

He took her breath away and gave her everything she could have ever wanted.

But when morning comes, she finds out that her dream man is a professor at her college, she’s left with no alternative but to walk away.

He knew the moment he saw her she was something special…

But she’s forbidden, off-limits, it’s against policy.

For Easton he doesn’t care. He wants Becky and he’s going to get her anyway he can.

Their night of passion has left more than a mark on their hearts…

Snowed in with Daddy

She never thought she’d fall for the forbidden…

Cassie returns home for the holidays for her internship.

Her new boss is gorgeous and completely off-limits.

Lucas Greenwood is married to her mother.

Cassie keeps her distance knowing nothing can happen between them.

Until a snowstorm leaves them stranded.

With the motel having only one room, Cassie and Lucas find themselves unable to deny their feelings.

What happens when they arrive home and have to face the consequences?

Now she’s having to deal with more than just the fallout…

Wooed by Daddy

Falling in love was never meant to be the plan…

Kelly loved Grant the moment she saw him, but he was never the one for her.

He was married to her mother, happily so.

Or so she thought.

A funeral hookup changes the trajectory of her life.

Pregnant, alone, and heartbroken, Kelly’s set up on a blind date.

She’s hoping for a quiet evening and some company.

Until she steps into the restaurant and sees who her date is.


Her mothers husband and the father of her unborn child…

Loving Daddy's Best Friend

Everything changed with just a kiss…

Sabrina has loved Calvin for years.

She kept her feelings hidden.

After all, he’s her father’s best friend.

She didn’t want to ruin anyone’s life.

But the heart wants what it wants.

She gets caught up in the whirlwind romance.

Not only is she head over heels for Cal, she knows he’s her one.

She couldn’t be happier.

That is until her father finds out…

Brother's Glory

What happens when the mysterious hot guy you’ve been having steamy encounters with turns out to be your step brother?

A vacation to Hawaii was supposed to be a way for Carly to relax and take a break.

A night at the exclusive club Ignite, stirs desire within her.

A room where she can have pleasure without the awkward morning after is all she wants.

What starts out as a bit of fun, turns into an unforgettable night and leaves her wanting more.

But what happens when Carly discovers that her amazing nights was with Sebastian, her step brother?

Will she walk away from him for good, or is the pull of the attraction too much for her to deny?

Daddy's Curvy Girl

What happens when you find a love that’s both forbidden and electrifying?

Shelby has always had a hard time finding love. Cheaters, users, and everything in between.

She’s about ready to give up.

A night out leads to her finding the man of her dreams.

The only problem… He’s her mom’s ex-husband.

Harlan can’t believe his luck, at the age of forty-nine, he’s found the love of his life.

But how can they continue when everyone finds out about their relationship?

Can their undeniable connection withstand the guilt of their love?

Daddy's Intern

One steamy moment can change everything.

Anna-Beth Winters has vowed to hate Tate King for as long as she lives. The man was married to her mom and left at a time that she needed him the most.

But as her mom’s health deteriorates, she comes home to Hallow Falls to help her and ends up working for the Mayor, who also happens to be the man she despises, her mom’s ex-husband.

The moment Tate sees Anna-Beth again, he can’t deny how much he wants her. He gets the anger and respects that she’s a hard worker.

After a long day at work, sparks fly between the two and change everything.

Will Tate and Anna-Beth succumb to the undeniable chemistry that binds them, or will the shadows of their shared history prove insurmountable?

His Curvy Temptress

Lusting after your adoptive niece is never the way to go.

But for Abel, he’s unable to do anything but. So he keeps his distance, hoping and praying that time away will stop the ache he has for her.

When Alexis goes missing, it’s Abel that goes looking for her and when he finds her, he’s unable to keep away from her any longer.

She’s his little temptress and he’s not letting her out of his sight.

Can this forbidden relationship thrive or will her father’s wrath keep them apart?

Daddy's Devilish Girl

Taboo Teachings

Royally Taught

She’s a shy sweet princess… He’s her professor… One kiss changes everything.

Anastasia needs help with one of her subjects in college.

She pleaded with her parents to go to college. She’s a princess, she doesn’t need her education. But Stasi is determined to change the perception of her kingdom, to show that a princess can be intelligent and well-educated.

Her tutor happens to be the handsome teacher that she fancies.

But the lines blur between them.

What happens when they’re unable to control their attraction?

Extracurricular with Mr. Abbot

Sometimes love is worth waiting for…
Erin thought she found the love of her life.
One night was all it took for her to fall deep for Jared.
But just as soon as their relationship began, it was over.
He was her professor and there was no way they could be together…
Jared knew the moment he saw Erin that she was his.
Being a single father means he has to put his daughter first.
Keeping his job is an absolute must even if it means walking away from the love of his life.
Unless love can find a way…

Private Seduction Series

Seduced by Daddy's Best Friend

Private Seduction; more than just a night.
Annabel knows what loneliness is. It’s something she hates, but being an escort helps ease that pain.
Having been disowned by her family for not following their strict rules, she fled to seek a better life.
Her world is turned upside down by the appearance of Jack, her father’s best friend.
Jack is shocked when he realizes that the woman he hired for the evening is none other than Annabel, seeing her looking so grown up stirs feelings in him that he shouldn’t be having.
Soon Jack and Annabel are falling head over heels for one another…
Can their relationship survive when her family finds out?


The Stepbrother Seduction

Private Seduction; more than just a night.

A date with an unruly customer is never pleasant, but for Lauren, it couldn’t have come at the worst time, stuck at her stepbrother’s party.

Zander has been the man of her dreams for years, but she’s never crossed that boundary. Her mother and his father are married. Making Zander off-limits.

But what the heart wants, the heart gets and one night with him will never be enough.

Can Lauren and Zander find their happy ever after or will their parents put a stop to them before they even begin?

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