Royally Taught

She’s a shy sweet princess… He’s her professor… One kiss changes everything.

Anastasia needs help with one of her subjects in college.

She pleaded with her parents to go to college. She’s a princess, she doesn’t need her education. But Stasi is determined to change the perception of her kingdom, to show that a princess can be intelligent and well-educated.

Her tutor happens to be the handsome teacher that she fancies.

But the lines blur between them.

What happens when they’re unable to control their attraction?

Extracurricular with Mr. Abbot

Sometimes love is worth waiting for…
Erin thought she found the love of her life.
One night was all it took for her to fall deep for Jared.
But just as soon as their relationship began, it was over.
He was her professor and there was no way they could be together…
Jared knew the moment he saw Erin that she was his.
Being a single father means he has to put his daughter first.
Keeping his job is an absolute must even if it means walking away from the love of his life.
Unless love can find a way…

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